Download MP3: Xxxtentacion – Royalty

Xxxtentacion - Royalty

Xxxtentacion - Royalty

Xxxtentacion’s posthumous single, Royalty has arrived. Available for download and streaming, the estate of XXXTENTACION released continues to share unreleased tracks from the enigmatic rapper. His first posthumous album, Skins which included an appearance from Kanye West was made available and now we have another track from X.

XXXTENTACION’s mother took to Instagram to announce a release date for his song, “Royalty.” The single itself never saw an official release but it did surface on the Internet last summer. The leaked version included contributions from Ky-Mani Marley but X’s mom didn’t actually clarify whether or not the official version will include an appearance from Marley. The announcement for the single comes a few days after Travis Barker released his own remix to XXXTENTACION and Lil Peep’s collaboration “Falling Down.”

Man, what’s true is that the shit change
When you use me for the money and the cars, you’re the big brains
Yeah, it’s funny how shit change
Boy, shorty wanna young nigga drawls, that shit stains
In the whore house, fiscane
Now I’m in the coupe with a crib and it’s crisp-ay
Never can forget all the nights it was just pain
Now I’m finna come for the throne, don’t forget me


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