Drake Fan Suing Rapper For “Serious” Brain Injuries She Got At His Concert

Drake Fan Sues Rapper For "Serious" Brain Injuries She Got At His Concert

Drake Fan Sues Rapper For "Serious" Brain Injuries She Got At His Concert

A music fan of Canadian rap music star Drake is suing him for injuries sustained at one of his concerts. After attending a concert in August 2016, Amanda Giovacco alleges that she sustained serious brain injuries and seizures, noting that she was struck by a beer bottle on her head and now, she’s suing a number of large entities, including Madison Square Garden, Live Nation Worldwide, and even Drake.

According to The Blast, Giovacco was in the crowd at Drake’s August 8 show in New York City when she was unexpectedly hit in the head with a flying bottle. The legal documents read that she “was violently struck by a beer bottle that was thrown while attending the DRAKE concert, was maliciously and without just cause or provocation, subjected to a battery.” Giovacco is attempting to argue that the staff at the arena, the vendors, Drake himself, and everybody that planned the event should be more careful when serving alcohol to their patrons. She believes they were negligent in assuring that fans weren’t overserved alcohol and was upset that they used bottles instead of plastic cups.

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The lawsuit states that Drake could have prevented this from happening, which seems highly unlikely to stand up in court. The rapper and other defendants reportedly failed to prevent “aggressive and/or violent behavior at the concert, they knew Drake has history of violence at his concerts, providing a dangerous weapon at Drake’s concerts.”

Giovacco alleges that she sustained brain injuries and seizures as a direct result of the incident, claiming that she has been unable to attend medical school because of it. She is seeking unspecified damages.

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