Download MP3: Pabllo Vittar – Meu Anjo

Pabllo Vittar – Meu Anjo

Pabllo Vittar – Meu Anjo

Pabllo Vittar delivers a new song titled Meu Anjo. Fans of singer Pabllo Vittar were surprised on Sunday afternoon (14), with more news of the drag queen. A discarded song by the artist leaked onto social networks. Titled as Meu Anjo (My Angel), the song is a version of Something , from the Lasgo band. The version created by Pabllo was inspired by a world-known single “Something” of the Belgian band Lasgo, and just did not enter the album mentioned above, because they had some authorization problems with the group.

According to one of Pabllo Vittar’s producers, the song would be one of the tracks on No Para No remix album, but there were problems with the band’s authorization.

“But just to explain the information (wrong as it always happens): it was a bonus release version of the NPN Remixes, but we did not get the release in time,” wrote Dj Gorky on Twitter.

Gorky went on to explain that, because the song was not released, it prevents it from being worked as a single or even published on Pabllo’s account. “‘My Angel’ has leaked (we’re still trying to figure out how), but we’re not authorized to release it officially, that is, WE CAN NOT by spotify, deezer, apple music, tidal, youtube,” he concluded.

After the repercussion of the new music in the social networks, Pabllo simply accepted the situation and even got to tuítar one of the stretches of the song. Soon after, the singer published the Youtube link where the song was leaked, so the fans could listen.

Nosso amor não foi pura sorte
Por que amores assim vem e vão
Não fuja de mim, você é meu anjo
Preciso do teu corpo em mim

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