Download MP3: Kash Doll – Ready Set Ft. Big Sean

Kash Doll - Ready Set Ft. Big Sean

Kash Doll - Ready Set Ft. Big Sean

Kash Doll drops new song Ready Set featuring Big Sean. Been a while we heard new music from Big Sean but we are grateful to Kash Doll for this. Big Sean previously stated that after taking the time to do some internal work on himself, he’s back to making the best music of his life. The new song is a follow up to the single “Kitten” featuring Lil Wayne.

Kash Doll spoke with Billboard about her journey, saying that she quit working as a dancer in the clubs after she began her rap career because she wanted people to take her seriously. “I dropped all of it,” she said. “It was crazy because I already had a buzz. I was poppin’ on Instagram, Facebook. I was popular. I was getting booked in clubs and schools. I was doing all of the Detroit public schools. I was doing little charity events. I was just performing and traveling to like, Flint and Kalamazoo, Pontiac, Grand Rapids. Then I went to Ohio and Milwaukee. I was traveling, driving to these places.”

Big time, big, big time
All she want from me is just a little time
Flooded at the venue, hey
I look better than what I’ve been through, yeah
It’s a celebration, hey
‘Cause we made it out the basement, hey
Stay hungry, stay patient, hey
Then we made it out the basement, yeah

– Big Sean

Diamonds you can spot ’em in my ear (That’s right)
I’m at the jeweller, I ain’t coppin’ from the bears (Woo)
Louis luggage at the bottom of the lear (Yeah)
Hotter than the Summer, hits I got ’em for the year
Kash Doll, I’m poppin’, I ain’t never flowin’ wack
Oh you scared to copy, what you scared to blow a stack
Me and Sean we killin’ in the stu we goin’ back (That’s right)
And failure’s not an option, I ain’t never goin’ back (Never)
I took a detour, had to keep learnin’

– Kash Doll

Listen to her new song Ready Set below.

DOWNLOAD Kash Doll – Ready Set Ft. Big Sean

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