Download MP3: Yung Baby Tate – Babytron

Yung Baby Tate - Babytron

Yung Baby Tate - Babytron

Yung Baby Tate is back with her new single titled Babytron. Nicki Minaj’s latest challenge for her “Megatron” has swept the internet into a frenzy and one of the standouts is Atlanta’s Yung Baby Tate own addition to the challenge.

Just off adding verses to Revenge of The Dreamers III, the music act aught everyone’s attention with her assertive entry as she shared a clip of herself vibing along to her own recorded “Megatron” rework, appropriately dubbed “Babytron.”

On her full-length debut, Girls, the 22-year-old Atlanta singer/rapper/producer Yung Baby Tate applies the limitless imagination of childhood to a concept album about exploring different identities. The many alter-egos of Nicki Minaj were an influential blueprint for Tate’s character survey. Tate practically sounds like a Minaj clone in sections of “Bad Girl,” too, and adopts her sex-positive lewdness on the Gucci Mane-interpolating “Freaky Girl.”

Listen to Babytron below

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