Download MP3: Hoodrich Pablo Juan – No Safety

Hoodrich Pablo Juan - No Safety

Hoodrich Pablo Juan - No Safety

Hoodrich Pablo Juan returns with a new song titled No Safety. Arriving with the official music video to the song, the rapper is following up his BLO: The Movie project which featured Young Thug, Gucci Mane, and more.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan consistently seeks to present new materials on the streets. The rapper’s deep voice floats over the trunk-rattling, bass heavy production on the track as he reminds people that he’s ready to shoot like BlocBoy JB.


Hit with the chopper, get him struck like lightning (Boom, boom)
I’m a dog, I can smell that you frightened (Grrr)
VVs on me, all my diamonds is bitin’ (VVs)
Baguettes in my cuban, I got it by rocky (Baguettes in my cuban)
MPR, nigga, we don’t want you to like us (MPR, nigga)
Swag two thumbs up, turn you to haiku (Swag two thumbs up)
Nigga fuck a hoodrat, that’s a one-nighter (Hood)
Lean in my soda, I spiked it (Spiked it)
Shoot with a chopper, I make ’em get hyped (Ha, boom)
She bad and she thick, I might make her my wife (I might)
Ain’t got no trigger finger, niggas be typin’ (Twitter ass nigga)
So many Diors, they came with a bike (Diors)
Black Porsche, yeehaw, nightridin’ (Yeehaw)
I don’t rap beef, I spin a nigga block like a [?] (I don’t rap beef)
Get to and stay with a check like I’m sponsored by Nike

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