Page2Group Unveils Kodeland Holiday Apartment In Gwarimpa

Kodeland Holiday Apartment In Gwarimpa

Kodeland Holiday Apartment In Gwarimpa

Page2Group, a Leading Executive Business Operating in Auto-mechanic, Food and Lifestyle Sectors has unveiled their very first holiday apartment in Abuja. Named Kodeland holiday apartment situated in Gwarimpa, the new faciltiy is a luxury home styled facilty readied for your daily needs.

Whether visiting for business or pleasure, Kodeland offers the ideal space to relax and unwind for high net-worth individuals seeking truly high-end accommodation. Here at Kodeland we offer a free luxury concierge service to cater to all the needs a luxury rental could expect, offering a seamless and stress-free trip away to one of the most desirable places in Abuja.

Anyone who has stayed in a short-term vacation rental is well aware of the advantages of staying in a private home rather than traditional traveler lodging.

When you vacation in an area such as Abuja, a few days is certainly not enough to see and experience all the area has to offer.

Here are some reasons why;

1. You have a home base. It’s your home away from home. You can sleep in, go on an outing, shopping, sightseeing or whatever you want to do. There’s no check-out times. There’s no getting awakened by housekeeping knocking on the door. If you’re not feeling well, you can stay in for a day and rest and recuperate and not feel you’re missing out.

2. You only need to unpack and pack once. You can unpack everything you brought with you without having to worry about packing up in a day or two, giving you more leisure time. And you’re not living out of your suitcase.

3. You have more room and more time to use it. Vacation rentals have much more space than the average hotel room. There’s more room to stretch out, relax and use areas of the home you may not use if you’re only there a day or two. Plus, there’s usually more bathrooms and areas where you can get away from everyone else and have some quiet alone time.

4. Unlike many hotels, you can pick a home that has a hot tub, Jacuzzi or even a pool or one that comes furnished with outdoor swings, fire pits, and gas barbecue grills. Some homes even come equipped with beach toys, bicycles, and other recreational equipment.

5. You can save money. By grocery shopping and cooking your own meals “at home,” you can save money and use it on excursions and sightseeing instead of eating out every night. And if you want to eat out, you still have that option too.

6. You have more flexibility. You can plan longer excursions or short trips or do them in stages, knowing you have more than a day or two to experience them all. You can invite family and friends to visit on weekends or for a couple of days.

7. Finally, you can do all of the above in the location of your dreams. Kodeland gives you more options than a hotel room, you’ll be able to find something that fits your dream perfectly.


No. 19 Ameh Oboni Gwarimpa Works and Housing Estate (Hillside) , Abuja, Nigeria

For more information on vacation rentals and all the options available to you,

Contact: Eugene Ewiolo 08080243617

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