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Kevin Gates - I'm Him

Kevin Gates - I'm Him

Kevin Gates is here with a new album titled I’m Him. With just a month away from his last EP Only The Generals Gon’ Understand, the rapper is back with a new music. Gates is one of the hardest-working rappers out there right now, and “Push It” shines with his ambition. As he raps about relentlessly “applying pressure” and pushing himself to the limit, the video shows Gates literally at war with himself.

Gates trains for a fight with his doppelganger, and they battle at the end of the video before one of them finally drops. The video for “Push It” is a perfect visual representation of the song — Gates is ready to fight through anything in order to survive.

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“Sometimes, your biggest obstacle is you. A warrior’s greatest gold is truth,” explains Gates. “In the Muhammed Ali way, I’m going to show you how great I am. The idea for the video is me fighting the Old Kevin and becoming the New Kevin.

I’m making the transition from a f*ked-up guy with a good heart and great character traits, into a man with a great heart and no fucked-up character traits. It’s opening the process for the world to see. It starts with ‘Push It.’

Watch Kevin Gates in his new video below.

Since releasing Islah in January 2016, Kevin Gates has shared numerous projects including Murder for Hire 2, By Any Means 2, Luca Brasi 3, and this year’s Only the Generals Gon UnderstandEP. Recently, Gates has also released the singles “Push It” and “Facts.”

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01. RBS Intro
02. Icebox
03. By My Lonely
04. Bags
05. Facts
06. Fatal Attraction
07. Say It Twice
08. Walls Talking
09. Let It Go
10. Face Down
11. Push It
12. Have You Ever
13. Pretend
14. What I Like
15. Funny How
16. Betta For You
17. Fly Again
Listen and download below.


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