Download MP3: Almighty Suspect – Trapstar Gurber

Almighty Suspect – Trapstar Gurber

Almighty Suspect – Trapstar Gurber

Almighty Suspect drops a new song titled “Trapstar Gurber.” Almighty Suspect is one of the original members of this new LA wave, before Shoreline Mafia blew up. Coming up alongside Drakeo The Ruler, FRosTYdaSnowMann, and Ralfy the Plug, the “WhereYoSafeAt” rapper is the only one who isn’t behind bars.

Since the start of 2019, he has released a joint EP with AzChike titled Almighty Chike, and a new mixtape, That Was Then This Is Now, released in April

Now, he’s ready to take the rap game to the next level, which includes linking up with buzzing LA rappers AzChike and Blueface. For those who need a starter, “God” and “PayForMyPresence” off his Almighty project are a great place to start. On many of his records, Almighty raps with a crazed, borderline deranged energy, cackling threats through the mic as if they were no more serious than harmless jokes.

When Almighty steps to the mic, he needs little more than hard-hitting percussion and a synth or two to fill the background. He also prefers all unnecessary frills to be removed from potential production, allowing him to barrage listeners with his sinister sneers in a fruitless environment

Check Out Trapstar Gurber below.

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