Video Footage Shows Cuba Gooding Jr. Grabbing Accuser’s Thigh & Breast While His GF Sits Next To Him

Cuba Gooding Jr. Groped A Woman Who Was Trying To Help Him During Intoxicated State

Cuba Gooding Jr. Groped A Woman Who Was Trying To Help Him During Intoxicated State

New footage has hit the web pertaining to Cuba Gooding’s case of groping. The surveillance footage surfaced hours after Gooding made an initial court appearance in Manhattan on Thursday where he was seen confidently smirking. Gooding’s attorney, Mark J. Heller, said he was “completely confident that [he] will be totally exonerated.” The woman who accused Gooding, was claiming that she was trying to help him by offering water whilst he was in a “highly intoxicated” state, when he proceeded to inappropriately grab her.

TMZ has released video surveillance footage from the infamous night at the Magic Hour Rooftop Lounge in midtown Manhattan where the incident occurred. The tape appeared to show Gooding with his girlfriend, Claudine De Niro, at around 10.15pm on Sunday. The two are seen sitting on a couch, when the accuser takes a seat next to De Niro. Almost instantly, Gooding reaches across De Niro’s body and proceeds to place his hand on the accuser’s left thigh. Soon after, he’s seen running his right hand up the woman’s torso and appearing to touch her breast. The woman appears to then grab Gooding’s hand, with Gooding pulling the woman’s hand toward his mouth and kissing it.

A second surveillance clip taken from that same night (30 mins later) shows Cuba Gooding Jr and De Niro making out in a downstairs lounge. The accuser is also seen approaching a security guard who was standing just a few feet away from Gooding and De Niro, and it later shows her arguing with said guard. Gooding is seen getting up and walking right past the accuser, with De Niro and the security guard then walking behind Gooding.

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