TWICE release two new songs, ‘Breakthrough’ and ‘Happy Happy’

TWICE - 'Breakthrough' and 'Happy Happy'

TWICE - 'Breakthrough' and 'Happy Happy'

Twice come through with two new song titled Happy Happy and Breakthrough. Available for download and streaming, The K-Pop girl band also released the music videos for their two new Japanese singles. The colorful visuals for “Happy Happy” shows off the girls natural and cute charm that rocketed them to popularity. The girls are seen showing a more mature side in chic outfits under colored gel lights for “Breakthrough,” showcasing their versatility as artists to handle different styles of music.

“Happy Happy” and “Breakthrough” are really entertaining tunes with the first meant to represent the brightness of a summer day and the latter meant to evoke the feelings of a cool summer night. Fittingly, “Happy Happy” is a bouncy dance track similar to many of TWICE’s past songs, with its euphoric choral repetition of the titular phrase and a clapping beat guiding much of the melody, while “Breakthrough” offers up a dramatic, brassier electro-pop sound that puts the nonet’s silky smooth vocals front and center.

Check out “Happy Happy” above and “Breakthrough” below.

DOWNLOAD Twice – Happy Happy

DOWNLOAD Twice – Breakthrough

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