Mike Tyson’s Ex Robin Givens Denies Claims She Was Cheating With Brad Pitt

Mike Tyson's Ex Robin Givens Denies Claims She Was Caught In Bed With Brad Pitt

Mike Tyson’s ex-girlfriend, famed model Robin Givens, recently sat down with Andy Cohen to discuss previous cheating claims. The boxer shared that his then-wife Robin was having an affair during their tumultuous marriage in the 1980s.

The athlete also claimed to have found that out when he pulled into Givens’ driveway and saw his lady in a car with Brad Pitt. Much later, Tyson affirmed he had caught the two in bed together on another occasion. And in the years since the book’s release, Givens has never shared her side of the story until now.

On Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Robin Givens admitted to having never read the boxer’s book. She vehemently denied a portion of the claims: “Pulling up in the driveway? That part’s true. I thought he said he caught us in bed. I didn’t read the book, but I was told he said he caught us in bed, which never happened.

Never, ever, ever happened.” Tyson’s ex-wife clarified to have been in the car with Brad following a screening “or something.” Relatedly, she denied Brad Pitt ever pleading with Mike Tyson not to hurt him by saying: “Dude, don’t hit me, don’t hit me!” as Mike Tyson had shared. Instead, Givens laughed it all off and said: “Does that sound like Brad? Brad’s got swag, you know what I mean. No, never.” Givens also denies ever cheating with Pitt.

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