Download MP3: Lil Dude – Amiri

Lil Dude – Amiri

Lil Dude – Amiri

Lil Dude drops a new song titled “Amiri.” Accompanied by its official music video, Lil Dude’s latest single is available for download and streaming on your favorite platforms. The DMV rapper pours a double cup and thumbs through some cash in his visuals.

Lil Dude also hit fans with a Chophouze-produced song called “Make It” a few weeks ago.

The Rapper and hip-hop recording artist rose to fame for singles such as “Limpin,” “Hot Boys,” and “Everywhere I Go.” In 2018, he embarked upon the Days B4 Tour in the United States.

I’m rockin’ Amiri, that’s too much drip
Hop out the cut with a stick
Talkin’ that shit, put that stick on your lip
I’m wiping your nose and I’m fucking your bitch (Trapnanana)
Draco Diablo got too much drip
These niggas be lyin’, they shoot from the hip
Uh-oh, too many guns in this bitch
If I run in your house, you gon’ run out that bitch
Hop in the fast car, skrrt out, work out
She a bad bitch, but that lil’ bitch, she be Perc’ed out
We rockin’ that shit, put that word out
Double Back OG, man, these niggas know my whereabouts
Sippin’ on lean, might fall out
Feel like Steph Curry, nigga might ball out
Came from a good home, just took the wrong route

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