Download Album: Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels 4

Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 4

Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 4

Run the Jewels’ Run the Jewels 4 is the 4th installment of their debuted self titled project. The music project is a follow up to their song for the Venom movie that released in October of 2018. Run the Jewels teased, then released their first song of 2018: “Let’s Go (The Royal We),” their contribution to the Venom soundtrack.

Since then the hip hop music duo have been silent when it came to releasing new songs. During an Interview, Run the Jewels touched on their new album, offering listeners an idea of the general creative philosophy behind Run the Jewels 4’s conception while also acknowledging recent controversies over political remarks Killer Mike made:

But in terms of all that’s going on and reflecting with the music, I’ve decided to put more of it into whatever music is coming, because trying to communicate and talk, you kind of get polarized and tried to be made into a political figure, and I’m not. I’m a raw-ass rapper who, when asked my opinion, will give it. My opinions, instead of saying them over radio or television, where I can argue with stupid people who get paid to give you a side, I’m simply going to put on record to mash on those fools circa Eazy E, Uncle Luke, Ice Cube, the Geto Boys and, just like rap is supposed to do, to give people good music to push through this bullshit.

El-P wiped his Instagram account, starting fresh with the post below and assuring fans, “We have really big things in store and we are taking our time making them all so we thank you in advance for your patience. I can say without a hint of doubt that it will be worth the wait.”

The album was met with universal acclaim upon its summer 2013 release, and Run the Jewels wasted little time in establishing that their sudden success was no fluke, following up with the equally incendiary Run the Jewels 2 the following October.

Already one of the most in-demand rap acts in the game at that point, Run the Jewels toured the world and took their time with Run the Jewels 3, ambushing us all with the much-anticipated album—on Christmas Eve, no less—before following up with an official physical release in January 2017.

The duo will finally break that two-year threshold with their fourth album, which El-P revealed this week we won’t be able to hear until sometime in 2019. Beyond that, news of RTJ4 has been all too difficult to come by, so let’s review everything we know about the fourth batch of songs from the psyche of Jaime and Mikey.

Run the Jewels are encouraging fans to donate to organizations fighting for justice, change, and equality. The duo highlights the National Lawyers Guild. Find RTJ’s recommended organizations at their website.


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