Kodak Black fingerprints found on gun used in March shooting along with Porsche car rental

Kodak Black is back in the news and the story is that the Florida rapper’s fingerprints have been linked to a shooting back in March along with a rental car rented by Kodak Black.

According to TMZ, Prosecutors say Kodak Black bought 3 weapons and more than 100 rounds of ammo back in February from Lou’s Police Distributors — a federal firearms licensee in Hialeah, Florida. That purchase, prosecutors allege, was facilitated after Kodak lied on a January gun application. Kodak dropped $3,518.71 for a Mini Draco pistol, Sig MPX K 9mm pistol and Sig P238 .380 pistol.

Back in March Kodak Black rented a Porche Panamera which was used in a shooting in Pompano Beach, FL where Kodak grew up. The intended target of the shooting was allegedly another local rapper but instead a house was shot up with kids inside the house. Luckily no one was hit during the shooting.

Feds say the Porche Panamera was damaged badly and left abandonded. Law enforcement responded to the scene and found several spent castings and the MPX K Kodak bought in February. Prosecutors say the weapon had Kodak’s fingerprints and a live round in the chamber that jammed during the shooting.

Witnesses say Kodak was seen around the crime scene at the time of the shooting. Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, tells TMZ he’s yet to see any type of reports that show Kodak’s fingerprints on the gun.

Additionally prosecutors admitted that the weapon found on scene never fired. He adds, “Witnesses came forward to us as well and stated they did not see Kodak Black at the scene that night.”

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