Download MP3: Aminé – Places + Faces

Aminé – Places + Faces

Aminé – Places + Faces

Aminé has surprised fans with a new freestyle titled Places + Faces. “Places + Faces” sees the rapper taking stock of life during a lengthy period of touring. It’s a time he knows means he “missed a couple dinners and a lot of birthdays,” though he was able to FaceTime from the Eiffel Tower.

“Places + Faces” comes equipped with a music video that shows some of the memorable happenings and travel diaries of Aminé and his crew. The lyrics touch on some of the real thoughts that come with being a musical success forced to be on the road, case in point: missing “a couple dinners and a lot of birthdays.”

Tweeting a link to the accompanying video, Aminé described it as “the end of an era. Last year Aminé dropped his ONEPOINTFIVE mixtape. His debut album Good For You was released in 2017. More recently he appeared on Injury Reserve’s “Jailbreak The Tesla. Some of us are still listening to certain tracks off Aminé’s ONEPOINTFIVE album (that someone is me).

Tracks like “WHY?” and “TOGETHER” are easy listening tunes, that now take me back to the end of summer 2018 and everything that was happening at that moment. Now that a whole new summer is upon us, the Portland-bred rapper has come through with a new track in the form of a freestyle.

When sharing the song on Twitter, Aminé wrote that it’s “the end of an era 😬.” The new offering is also a clear plug to the collective that is Places + Faces known for its magazine, film and fashion works. Compiling footage from the past couple months, Aminé shares and creates a quick visual for his new “Places + Faces Freestyle”. He touches on the joys and struggles of his new life of being a new place every weekend, but missing time with those that mean the most to him despite his success.

Listen and download Places + Faces below.


Download Aminé – Places + Faces

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