XXXTentacion’s Baby Mama Wins DNA Case Against Rapper’s Mom

XXXTentacion's Baby Mama Wins DNA Case Against Rapper's Mom

XXXTentacion's Baby Mama Wins DNA Case Against Rapper's Mom


XXXTentacion’s Baby Mama has won the DNA Case Against Rapper’s Mom. XXXTentacion’s mother and the mother of his only child have been battling over the late rapper’s DNA. Jenesis Sanchez, who gave birth to Gekyume Onfroy this year, requested for X’s DNA to be used to establish paternity of her months-old son.

Surprisingly, the artist’s mother Cleopatra attempted to block the request, starting a legal feud with Jenesis and leading many to become confused as to why she would try and shield a matter as important as her grandson’s paternity.

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According to The Blast, X’s baby mama has come out as the winner in this fight and she will be granted permission to use XXXTentacion’s DNA for testing purposes.

A judge has allowed Jenesis Sanchez permission to be granted a DNA sample from the medical examiner so that she could ensure that XXX is the father of her baby. Sanchez has explained that she and X were sexually involved during the time Gekyume was conceived and she simply wants evidence to prove that he is the father of her son in case anybody tries to combat her on that. Cleopatra’s reasons for opposing the DNA sample were sealed and have not been revealed so her reasoning for going against Jenesis remains unknown.

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XXXTentacion passed away nearly one year ago after he was brutally murdered inside of his car in Florida.

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