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The O’Jays - The Last Word (Album Download)

The O’Jays release a new album, The Last Word. Made available for download and streaming, The legendary group comprised of Eddie Levert Sr., Walter Williams Sr. and Eric Nolan Grant feels fresh and nostalgic at the same time as they take on the thrills of innocent love from yesteryear and the sociopolitical metal clouds of today.

The group previously released the lead single “Above The Law,” a righteous track that highlights the state of the nation to a tee. The rest of The Last Word is noticeably lighter with songs like “Do You Really Know How I Feel” and “Enjoy Yourself” bringing out the flower power child in all of us. The latter of the tracks bridges today’s funk and soul rhymes as it was co-written by Bruno Mars and Patrick Monahan of Train.

Founding singer Eddie Levert says the new collection features songs that comment on — and offer a positive response regarding — today’s political and social issues.

“I look at what is going on in the world and not much seems to have changed from when we first started doing this,” he notes. “We are still dealing with the same issues.”

“On this album we addressed those issues as well as the intolerance we see coming out of the Trump Administration on a daily basis. We also offer a solution,” he adds. “That solution is to combat hatred with love and acceptance.”

Adds fellow founding O’Jay Walter Williams, “With this final album, we are providing a soundtrack for those that are speaking truth to power and encouraging people to come together through love.”

The O’Jays will celebrate the release of The Last Word with a special concert on Friday, April 26, at the historic Apollo Theater in New York City. Check out the group’s full concert schedule at

1.I Got You
2.Stand Up (Show Love)
3.Enjoy Yourself
4.Do You Really Know How I Feel
5.Above The Law
6.68 Summer Nights
7.Start Stoppin’
9.I’ll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I Was Today)

Download The O’Jays – The Last Word

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