Download Album: Lea Anderson – Pronounced Lee Deluxe

Lea Anderson – Pronounced Lee Deluxe (Album Download)

Lea Anderson – Pronounced Lee Deluxe (Album Download)

Lea Anderson drops a new album titled Pronounced Lee (Deluxe). Listing 14 tracks, Lea Anderson’s latest music project is available for download and streaming on your favorite platforms.

Through her own rhythm and blues, Lea Anderson aims to create an intimate connection between herself and anyone who has come in contact with her fluid soprano sound. Versatile, she can be acoustic, with a piano, supplemented with tracks, or with her four piece band. No matter the set up, Lea Anderson is always equipped with a flute, which was handed down by her Mother.

Lea Anderson’s music is a timeless entity providing us with sounds enlaced with heartfelt melodies, strong vocals and lyrics that tell the story of her past heartbreaks, current happiness, new found self-love, and hopes for equality.

01. Inspiration
02. Not That Type of Guy (feat. John ‘JR’ Robinson)
03. Tell Me Yes
04. Real Love
05. Love Yah!
06. One Good Man
07. Save the Rain
08. Wait 4 U
09. Mine (feat. Marcus Machado)
10. Detached
11. Skin
12. Sistah
13. More Than I Could
14. Know Me

Listen below.

Download Lea Anderson – Pronounced Lee (Deluxe)

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