Download Album: Ten Fé – Future Perfect, Present Tense

Ten Fé – Future Perfect, Present Tense (Album download)

Ten Fé – Future Perfect, Present Tense (Album download)

Ten Fé release a new album called Future Perfect, Present Tense. We find this title very iconic and with Ten Fé’s latest music project listing 11 tracks, its available for download and streaming on your favorite platforms. They’ve shared a taste of the album in brand new track ‘Won’t Happen’ alongside a visual shot in Maçàs de Dona Maria, Portugal.

The band’s new album is a poignant, uplifting meditation on everything that’s brought them to this point, and all they’ve left behind in getting there. Already introduced by first single ‘Not Tonight, and now brand-new offering ‘Won’t Happen’; an early standout which bounces with a lithe groove while Leo Duncan, on vocals, laments and repents for his past indiscretions.

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01. Won’t Happen (4:07)
02. Isn’t Ever a Day (4:44)
03. No Night Lasts Forever (3:35)
04. Coasting (4:19)
05. Echo Park (3:58)
06. Caught on the Inside (6:46)
07. To Lie Here Is Enough (3:01)
08. Here Again (4:07)
09. Not Tonight (3:28)
10. Can’t Take You with Me (3:23)
11. Superrich (5:22)

Listen and download below.

Download Ten Fé – Future Perfect, Present Tense

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