Download Album: American Football – American Football (LP3)

American Football – American Football (LP3) (Album download)

American Football – American Football (LP3) (Album download)

American Football releases a new self titles album called American Football (LP3). This is the third in rhe series after releassing the first and second editions of the music project. Available for download and streaming on your favorite platforms, the eight-track effort features production from past collaborator Jason Cupp, and was recorded in the same spot as its predecessor (Omaha’s Arc Studios), it sees the band taking a markedly different approach than previous releases.

“We put a lot of time and a lot of energy into it,” the group’s Mike Kinsella notes in a press statement. “We were all thoughtful about what we wanted to put out there. Last time, it was figuring out how to use all of our different arms. This time, we were like – Ok we have these arms, let’s use them.”

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One of ways American Football “stretch” themselves on (LP3) is by incorporating more shoegaze elements into their arrangements. They do so with the help of none of other than Rachel Goswell of Slowdive, who appears on a song titled “I Can’t Feel You”. The band also brought in additional guests in Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams (“Uncomfortably Numb”) and Elizabeth Powell of Land of Talk (“Every Wave to Ever Rise”).

1. Silhouettes
2. Every Wave to Ever Rise (feat. Elizabeth Powell)
3. Uncomfortably Numb (feat. Hayley Williams)
4. Heir Apparent
5. Doom in Full Bloom
6. I Can’t Feel You (feat. Rachel Goswell)
7. Mine to Miss
8. Life Support

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Stream and download American Football (LP3) below.

Download American Football – American Football (LP3)

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