Sheck Wes Clarifies “Stalking” Accusations

Sheck Wes Attempts To Clarify

Sheck Wes Attempts To Clarify “Stalking” Accusations

Sheck has once again taken to Twitter to voice his side of the story. “Just clarifying this is a video of me hopping a fence to get my stuff back from a girl who refused to give me my stuff,” he explains. “Once again for the record I never hit or beat up any woman.” While one has to wonder whether this ongoing discourse between the two will ultimately harm the inevitable legal action that might ensue, the Tweets remain active.

Sheck Wes experiencing a meteoric rise, with his breakout single “Mo Bamba” landing him an opening spot on Travis Scott’s Astroworld Tour. Yet 2019 has gone off to a dubious start, to say the least. Sheck’s ex-girlfriend Justine Skye has taken to Twitter to put the rapper on blast, accusing him of domestic abuse, stalking, and generally foul behavior.

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“Taking a walk with my friends and my man and Sheck Wes (my abuser) and his friends decide to STALK US and attack my friends,” wrote Skye. “Two cars full of n***s while he sat in the car like a bitch. You’re pathetic sheck and you beat women. You hit your girl before me and you’ll do it again.”

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