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Lou Doillon – Soliloquy album

Lou Doillon – Soliloquy (album download)

Lou Doillon releases a brand new album packed with 12 songs titled “Soliloquy“. t’s a fitting name for a project that Doillon says felt very different from Places in 2012 and Lay Low in 2015. For this one she took most of the responsibilities on herself. “I was the master puppeteer of it all,” she explains. Before, Doillon would work with producers who she describes as “tailors”; the type who would bind acoustic guitar and vocals in a way that was a little too perfect for her liking. “[This time] I wanted to see how far I could go and how I could be shaken and how tough I could be at work.”

Splitting the album between three producers gave her a greater sense of control, she says, but it also raised a question: “Men can deal with your writing a song,” she says, “but producing it? It’s a very different story.”

It’s been three years since Doillon released her sophomore effort Lay Low. Expanding on her third album, Doillon explains, “I had a desire to be more upfront. Working with different people in different studios and with the different energies has brought something richer than when I worked with one producer. Extremes. I made the link between them.”

Soliloquy will feature four different producers, including Cat Power’s Chan Marshall and The Dø’s Dan Levy.

Stream and download below.

Lou Doillon – Soliloquy (album)

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