Video: Travis Scott – Can’t Say

Travis Scott - Can't Say (Music Video)

Travis Scott – Can’t Say (Music Video)

Travis Scott drops the video for his song, “Can’t Say.” Travis’ latest music video for the track Can’t Say” comes as itremains a favorite from the celebrated album. The new music video has just been released to coincide with the beginning of the second leg of Travis’ tour.

“Can’t Say” is produced by Saint Laurent so you already know that you’re in for some stylish shots and extravagant looks. Right off the bat, we’re met by a futuristic biker gang being left by Cactus Jack as he pops a few wheelies. They all navigate a dark cave before they reach an ethereal city that recalls the magic of Blade Runner. 

Each clip from Astroworld has been as exciting as the last. From “Stop Trying To Be God” to “Sicko Mode” and “Yosemite,” La Flame is clearly working with some of the most skilled videographers in the industry to ensure that this era in his career is memorable.

Peep the visuals below

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