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Sneaks – Highway Hypnosis album

Sneaks – Highway Hypnosis (album download)

Sneaks dishes out a brand new album with 13 hot and dope tracks entitles “Highway Hypnosis“. Sneaks’ Highway Hypnosis finds her tripping out on life and love across the album’s 13 vignette-y tracks — and mantras play a starring role. Recorded way back in August 2017 at the late Brooklyn creative space Silent Barn, it’s an album full of surprises.

Not least of them is production by big-budget Irish producer Jacknife Lee (U2, the Killers, Snow Patrol) on M.I.A.-goes-trap closing track “Hong Kong To Amsterdam.” The range of sounds on Highway Hypnosis spans nearly that far.

At 29 minutes, her new album Highway Hypnosis is her longest statement to date. (Gymnastics clocks in at 14 minutes, while It’s a Myth runs 18.) That said, just four songs break the two-and-a-half-minute mark, and only by a matter of seconds. While succinctness is clearly still a touchstone for Sneaks, album No. 3 demonstrates a huge leap in terms of intensity and idiosyncrasy.

Sneaks produced everything with two NYC locals she brought in after moving to the city in 2017: rap producer Tony Seltzer, who’s made beats for Wiki and MIKE, and Carlos Hernandez of the indie-rock band Ava Luna. Together, they crafted an expanded yet spacious sonic palette, over which Sneaks experimented with a plethora of singing and rapping styles, as well as half a dozen invented words that stud her stream-of-consciousness songwriting.

The new music project is available on all your favorite streaming and download platforms.

Download Sneaks – Highway Hypnosis

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