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Ultramarine – Signals into Space album

Ultramarine – Signals into Space (album download)

Ultramarine releases a new album with 12 songs entitled “Signals into Space“. After touring briefly, Ultramarine’s members again retreated into the shadows to pursue other projects both solo and together. In 2015, they began composing work in their Essex studio, enlisting Anna Domino as a writing and performing partner on four songs, including the single “Spark from Flint to Clay.”

After completing the 12-track full-length Signals into Space, featuring contributions from saxophonist Iain Ballamy (Food, Loose Tubes) and percussionist and vibraphone player Ric Elsworth, Ultramarine released both the album and a two-track extended EP titled Meditations in January of 2019.

‘Signals in Space’ was, according to Ian Cooper, conceived in a ‘small windowless room in an industrial estate in Essex’ but it is anything but cramped, claustrophobic and insular. I’d be tempted to go for the obvious contrast and describe it as wide open vista but whilst it is redolent of natural beauty, the joys are less of awe and more of quiet moments of uplift and contemplation.

Anna Domino appears on 4 tracks and she contributes to one of the album’s weirder moments in ‘$10 Heel’ – a slightly edgy, dub / jazz poetry number. Elsewhere however the mood is more bucolic and positive although not without a psychedelic uncanniness. Ian Ballamy lends an ECM / Windham Hill edge to proceedings with his playing, gentle, fluid and emotive.

Download, listen and enjoy Signals Into Space below.

Download Ultramarine – Signals Into Space (Album)

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