Download MP3: Chris Travis – Why So Serious?

Chris Travis - Why So Serious? download

Chris Travis – Why So Serious?download

Chris Travis drops new song called Why So Serious. Chris drops his first song of the music year for 2019. The former Raider Klan member hasn’t switched his style much since the collapse of the group as a tangible entity. Fans of legendary Memphis Rap, and current day rappers such as Xavier Wulf and Denzel Curry will be excited to hear an energetic element to to his music that doesn’t compromise lyrical creativity. Songs like “Memphis N****z” and recent video single “Water World” is reminder that rap music is essentially a product of different environments and social clauses.

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He first gained notice as a member of SpaceGhostPurrp’s Raider Klan, which he joined in 2011 after the recommendation of members Amber London and Key Nyata. He appeared on some of their mixtapes and performed with them, but he left around 2013 to concentrate on his solo work, as well as his Water Boyz label. Mixtapes appeared at a rate of about four per year, and Travis’ 2013 video “Crunch Time” became a viral hit. In 2014, Travis and fellow ex-Raider Klan members Xavier Wulf and Eddy Baker joined up with Michigan-based rapper Bones to form Seshollowaterboyz.

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Travis also collaborated with Bones on a 2014 EP titled SeaBeds, as well as Robb Bank$ for 2015’s No Trespassing. Travis also guested on tracks by Yung Simmie, $uicideboy$, and Fat Nick. ~ Paul Simpson, Rovi

Check out his latest single Why So serious below.

Download Chris Travis – Why So Serious?

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