DJ Akademiks’ Girlfriend Angelica Exposes Him: Says He Abuses Her

DJ Akademiks' Girlfriend Angelica Exposes Him: Says He Abuses Her

DJ Akademiks’ Girlfriend Angelica Exposes Him In New Video

DJ Akademiks recently released video which he claims showed his then Ex G/F Angelica ruining his house with a knife and fire extinguisher. Reportedly she got locked up for it. Well now Angelica is banging back looking to expose Akademiks.

Angelica posted a livestream video where she exposed Akademiks for physically and emotionally abusing her. Angelica claims he put hands on her! Angelica said ‘Fuck AK, you deserve better.’ Yep, I do. That’s why I broke up with him. I know that I deserve better.”

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The woman went on to point out specific instances where women approached her as a result of him cheating.” Despite trying to air out DJ Akademiks, she insists she isn’t a “clout chaser.”

Check the video out below and tell us what you think!

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