Download: The Avett Brothers – Trouble Letting Go

The Avett Brothers - Trouble Letting Go

The Avett Brothers Trouble Letting Go mp3 download

The Avett Brothers release a new single titled “Trouble Letting Go.” The song follows the November release of “Roses and Sacrifice,” the band’s first new single since 2016. Scott mentioned that a new song would be released before the end of the year:

We’re aiming to release at least one more song before the year is out and continue that pace into 2019. We’re in the process of mixing, so there might be a few last-minute additions and songs that grow, change, get added into the sets. It’s a shame, but songs get so much better the more they’re played, and they usually get recorded when they’re so young. But that’s how we work.

The prolific bluegrass bros. made the announcement on Twitter sharing a behind-the-scenes video of Scott Avett.

This is the reason that I’m making this video,” Scott acknowledges. “This is the artwork for our new song, ‘Trouble Letting Go.’”

Scott takes us through past and present Avett artwork, including the album and single art for I and Love and You, True Sadness and “Roses and Sacrifice.” Lastly, Scott turns the camera for a glimpse of the art for “Trouble Letting Go.”

Listen below

Download The Avett Brothers Trouble Letting Go

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