Music: Ariana Grande – Tattooed Heart (Original Version)

Ariana Grande – Tattooed Heart (Original Version)
Ariana Grande – Tattooed Heart (Original Version)

Here is the original version of Ariana Grande’s earlier released song titled “Tattooed Heart.” Ariana Grande released the music video for Thank U, Next some days ago and it’s become one of the most streamed music videos in a 24 hour period.

Ariana also struck gold with the single as it became one of the most streamed songs of the year topping charts in different countries.

The God Is A Woman crooner has had her own share of heartaches for the most part of 2018 after losing her ex boyfriend Mac Miller. The story seems to include her most recent ex Pete Davidson whom she might just be erasing from her life one cover-up at a time.

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Earlier this year, Ari got a tattoo on her foot of the number “8418”—which happens to be the firefighter badge of Pete’s father, who died on 9/11 during the Twin Tower attacks. She covered the tattoo with “Myron,” AKA the name of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller’s dog, who she adopted following the rapper’s death.

Ariana revealed the tattoo during a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the “Thank U, Next” music video, showing her friends and saying “Look at my Myron. Guys, come look. How cool right?”

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And interestingly, Pete seems to have covered up his Ariana neck tattoo with a black heart as well:
“Tattooed Heart” is available here, get the original version of it and enjoy.

Download Ariana Grande – Tattooed Heart (Original Version)

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