Shotti’s Lawyer says DJ Akademiks is the Snitch

Shotti’s Lawyer says DJ Akademiks Snitched on 6ix9ine and Tr3way members after he was pressed by the feds with obstruction of justice charges.

Finally the RAT has been indentified! That rat per Shotti who was 6ix9ine’s ex manager is none other fake BFF DJ Akademiks. Shotti and his lawyer are saying that the feds pressed Akademiks so hard with potential Obstruction of Justice charges which would at minimal give him 5-10 years in prison forced his hand to become government witness. The feds used Akademiks instagram account against and made the whole account states evidence. The FEDS also feel that from Akademiks close relationship with 6ix9ine he knows inside info that only 6ix9ine and Tr3Way members would know. Shotti is also telling people thru his lawyer that Akademiks was the one who got in 6ix9ine’s ear which forced him to fire Shotti and other Tr3Way members from his music management team.

Shotti and his lawyer promise that Akademiks name will be released soon in court documents proving their claim that Akademiks is the snitch! Stay tuned for more updates. Shotti’s lawyer promises us the documents first.

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