DJ Akademiks Denies Being A Snitch and Blames Casanova For 6ix9ine’s Arrest

DJ Akademiks Denies he snitched on 6ix9ine and got him arrested by the feds

DJ Akademiks Denies Being A Snitch and Blames Casanova For 6ix9ine's Arrest

More 6ix9ine news arrives as more light shines on a whole new line of persons associated with the whole drama. New information from Shotti and his Lawyer that the confidential informant the feds have is “Akademiks”. Ak got wind of the news and posted a video on his youtube account trying to clear his name/brand.

Also while clearing his name Akademiks threw another person under the bus and that person is New York rapper Casanova.

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Akademiks says everything 6ix9ine was arrested for and being charged with happened when Casanova was his victim in their beef. Basically blaming Casanova for 6ix9ines situation. Check the video below of Ak and tell us what you think! Ak also addresses everyone calling him a snitch/rat.

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