City Girls – Broke Boy (Song)

City Girls - Broke Boy (Song)
City Girls – Broke Boy (Song)

In this single from their album Girl Code, the City Girls deliver a lively, horn-infused hype anthem. The song is further complemented by the duo’s witty lyrics.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Yung Miami of the City Girls shared some advice that she received from her mother at a young age. “My mom always told me ‘Don’t talk to a man who can’t do nothing for you. If you talkin’ to a man, make him do something for you.” She went on to further cement the importance of ambition and hustle in a potential partner saying, ” I don’t wanna talk to a broke boy. Period.”

Quotable Lyrics

If you a broke boy, stay the f*ck out my way
These n***s be lyin’ on they d*ck with a f*ckin’ straight face
Boy, I am not your b*tch, so what the f*ck is you sayin’?
You just a n**** lyin’ on your d*ck with a f*ckin’ straight face

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