Wolftyla – No Regrets (Song)

Wolftyla - No Regrets (Song)
Wolftyla – No Regrets (Song)

All the while, each new drop is another buffer between listeners and Tyla’s debut album. The project was originally slated to get here at the top of this year but has yet to arrive.

Dropping off her “No Regrets” cut, produced Fraathouse, Tyle effectively issues a PSA to live by as she decides to walk away from a relationship gone bad: “I’m way too grown to play all these games/Saying you love me and you’re trying to change/I’ve heard it all before.” “No Regrets” follows up on the “Falling For Your Love” single, released earlier this month.

So far, she’s offered no solid indication on just when that effort will be delivered. For now, get into “No Regrets.”

Quotable Lyrics

You booked a flight out to see your ex
So when you touch down
There’s no coming back
I’ve heard it all before
So imma leave you on read
In this text, so say less

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