THE LYONZ – 2nd U (Pt. I) (Mixtape)

THE LYONZ - 2nd U (Pt. I) (Mixtape)
THE LYONZ – 2nd U (Pt. I) (Mixtape)

2nd U (Pt. I) is the second project offered by THE LYONZ, a Montreal-based duo that qualifies its formation as “soldiers of Hip Hop.” The album is composed of 8 tracks that venture through a range of themes through a lens of introspection.

Terrell “Norrin” McLeod Richardson, the group’s emcee, commented about the intention of their lead single, “Fall”

“We hope that it gives listeners a sense of our current status as musicians. It’s been almost 3 years since we’ve released a project. With that being said, we took our time to make sure the sound fully represented how we currently feel.”

Stream the project below and let us know if you can relate to their state of mind.

Track List

1. Fall
2. 2nd U (Pt. I)
3. Helicopter Days
4. Jupiter
5. The Jump To Jupiter
6. Time & Time Again
7. What I Once Knew, I Know Now (Feat. Raveen)
8. Let’s Be (In Love) (Feat. Eek & Timeliss)

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