Sango – P.R.E.T.O. (Song)

Sango - P.R.E.T.O. (Song)
Sango – P.R.E.T.O. (Song)

Sango is a producer-tastemaker who built his buzz off the back of series of well-timed remixes at the beginning of the decade. On “P.R.E.T.O.” he offers the daily listener the opportunity to curb their stress, in creating ambiance. “P.R.E.T.O.” is actually quite nourishing, and thus, quite enjoyable in that capacity.

The song’s composition is simple, a rolling drum pattern, executed in a manner that speaks to disposability. What I mean by that, is that modern music has become a disposable art, and for artists and their consumers, a full-fledged practice in technology. Even though “P.R.E.T.O.” tried to create certain organic elements found in nature, it’s repetitive function limits it to background music.

“P.R.E.T.O.” is Sango’s first public offering since releasing his “Thank You Weezy” medley in the wake of Tha Carter V’s unveiling. On “Thank You Weezy,” Sango demonstrated that no matter how big the subject or the assignment, music will always be a labor of love. Even songs like “P.R.E.T.O.” highlight the more obscure reference points in his musical repertoire.

Sango continues to invest his time and efforts in the Soulection initiative based in NYC. There he’s been giving carte Blanche to follow his gut, wherever it takes him. Hopefully “P.R.E.T.O.” can add some calm to your day.

By the way, “Preto” is the Portuguese word the color Black – let that sink in.

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