DonMonique – Black Kate Moss (Album)

DonMonique – Black Kate Moss (Album)
DonMonique – Black Kate Moss (Album)

“Black Kate Moss” is another testament to Donmonique abilities as an emcee and her star qualities. She drips confidence with her bars while staying calm and collective throughout with her flow. The production on the track features, handled by BMC Beats, has an off-kilter string section while hard-hitting trap drums carry the rest. It has a grim New York 90’s feel to it while still being able to mesh well with the sounds that carry on in today’s soundscape. It’s a heavy single that continues to show that Donmonique is on her way up and it’ll be hard to stop her.

Donmonique is slowly paving her own lane in the hip hop world. While she’s been catching the attention of some of her contemporaries, she’s also been making a mark in the fashion industry, which makes sense why she’d call the single “Black Kate Moss. During Alexander Wang’s Fall Winter 2016/2017 fashion show, her song “Pilates” played on the runway. She’s surely making a mark in the rap world and she’s doing it at her own accord. It’s been working out for her as well. She recently had her song “Drown” featured on an episode of HBO’s Insecure. As she gears up to drop her upcoming Thirst Trap 2, “Black Kate Moss” is just a teaser of what to expect. With the strength of this single alone, we’re sure the rest of the project will be just as hard.

Donmonique is on her way to making a major mark in hip hop. She brings flavors of Foxy Brown and Lil Kim but she has her own swag that stands out with everything she does. The New York City emcee recently dropped her latest single, “Black Kate Moss.”

Quotable Lyrics
Sittin pretty stackin’ chips while we’re tourin’
Bitches try to copy, hope them bitches got insurance
Ain’t no stunt doubles flipping gripping dollars in the foreign
Got your nigga tipping, stripping why he tell me that you boring

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