6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Blasts Cuban Doll: Calls Her A Walking Disease

6ix9ine's Girlfriend Blasts Cuban Doll: Calls Her A Walking Disease

6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Calls Cuban Doll A Walking Disease.

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s daughter’s mother speaks out and its sparking flames. Cuban has been mentioning her name in her comments and 6ix9ine’s girl is absolutely fed up. She decided to pull out all the stops, obliterating the rapper in a video reposted to DJ Akademiks’ page. “You will always just be a wack fuck,” says the woman. “Like you are to everybody.

To Kodak [Black,] to everybody. You stay fucking on Kodak’s dick.” She ends up mentioning all the drama that Cuban Doll has been dealing with. She said that her label dropped her, which was revealed recently, and claims that she’ll need to sell her apartment soon. Her rant ends on a high note as she says, “She dusty, she look like she dying of fucking AIDS. You see me, braids no wig, fucking no makeup and I still look better than you. She look like a fucking whole walking disease.”

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After Cuban Doll accused Tadoe of domestic abuse, she started hanging out all the time with Tekashi 6ix9ine, who was beefing with his homie Chief Keef at the time. The two were rumored to be messing around as they visited a tropical destination together.

6ix9ine commented on Ak’s post with a plot twist: “This is my sister.” He’s a well-known troll but they do actually look alike. Sister or baby mother mystery aside, somebody close to 6ix9ine really isn’t messing with Cuban Doll.

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