Phony Ppl – Mō’zā-ik (EP)

Phony Ppl - Mō'zā-ik (EP)
Phony Ppl – Mō’zā-ik (EP)
Phony Ppl have been jamming since the year 2008.

The eleven-song collection is meant to be enjoyed one song at a time, hence the title Mō’zā-ik which connotes a series off inner-working tubes that stand on their own, much like the divisible part of the group. Every member of Phony Ppl is encouraged to venture outside the dynamic and collaborate with whom they please. The crop share mentality allows each other member to rejoin the group stronger than when they first left. Phony Ppl consists of ElbeeThrie on vocals, Aja Grant in a songwriting capacity, Elijah Rawk on guitar, Bari Bass on bass guitar (duh), and Matthew Byas on percussion. Check out Mō’zā-ik and hit us with your thoughts.

For Phony Ppl, the Chance the Rapper co-sign means a ton, but it only tickles the palate of what the group has in store. On their latest project Mō’zā-ik, the boys at Phony Ppl are back to prove their deal with 300 is no fluke. According to vocalist Elbee Thrie, what really sets them apart is a forward-looking tendency to “never do the same thing twice.”

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