Sauce Walka Says Travis Scott Is “Lame As Hell” For “SNL” Woah Dance

Sauce Walka Says Travis Scott Is
Sauce Walka Says Travis Scott Is “Lame As Hell” For “SNL” Woah Dance

This weekend, Travis Scott was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. As the new season kicks off, they invited Kanye West and Travis to perform during back-to-back weeks, leading to a few “can’t-miss” episodes. The artist ran down a few of his favorites tracks from Astroworld, performing live renditions of “Sicko Mode,” “Skeletons,” and “Astrothunder.” While his show was generally enjoyable, one element of the live set was critiqued by Houston mainstay, Sauce Walka.

In case you’re not up to date on the latest dance crazes (we don’t blame you…), the Woah Dance is one of the most popular things in the world right now. Aside from the “Shoot” and the “Floss,” the Woah can be seen throughout social media and in the streets. The dance originated in Houston and Walka seems pretty angry that the kids who created it weren’t invited to perform with La Flame on SNL. “Travis Scott, bro you lame as hell for that shit that you did to these lil’ n***as,” said the rapper. The Sauce Twinz member notes that Travis is fully aware that the Woah Dance came from Houston, saying that he should have used his national television platform to put them on.

He also goes on to say that he wrote “Goosebumps,” one of Travis’ most popular songs to date. It appears as though everything may have been a big misunderstanding though as just a few hours later, Walka posted photos of himself with Travis Scott, praising him for his contributions to Texas.

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