Lil Wop – Silent Hill (EP)

Lil Wop - Silent Hill (EP)
Lil Wop – Silent Hill (EP) download

Lil Wop – Silent Hill (EP) Stream.

Lil Wop is back with his new EP called Silent Hill (as in the scary video game). The tape is a fifty-fifty split between Guwop-influenced bars (listen for the “eeeeyyyy” ad lib) and a halloween sound-effect CD. In other words, this isn’t background music to play while you’re eating a candle lit dinner.

But, the EP’s sound is cohesive from start to finish which is impressive, considering how it was released. On the new body of work, one song that would catch your attention is “DAWN OF THE DEAD” where Wop raps for less than two minutes before letting the beat fade into two minutes of silence and then reemerge for the rest of the seven minute song, with no vocals.

Stream and download Lil Wop’s Silent Hill EP below.

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