Download MP3: Broods – Peach

Broods - Peach mp3 download
Broods – Peach mp3 download

Listen and download Broods – Peach.

Broods drop a new song titled Peach. Their new single is the first taste of their upcoming third album – and it’s like nothing they’ve ever written before. “It’s a bit of a journey. The sonic landscape changes like that,” says Caleb, snapping his fingers. “We want it to just be like” – he mimes an explosion – “and just like, ‘oh shit!’ It jumps pretty aggressively into somewhere else.”

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“People get whiplash after listening to it,” says Georgia. “We didn’t try and tone down the dynamics of it. We were just like, ‘You know what? We’re just going to do what we want.'”

With the new record – tentatively titled Don’t Feed the Pop Monster – written and ready, Georgia and Caleb were attracted to Neon Gold for their belief in Broods’ new direction. They both rave about the label, describing it as the kind of parent who comes to every soccer game you play. “Not the one that only comes to the second half of your final and he’s on the phone the whole time,” says Georgia.

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Listen below.


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