Watch R Kelly’s brother Carey “Killa” Kelly threaten to expose R Kelly’s darkest secrets

Watch R Kelly's brother Carey “Killa” Kelly threaten to expose R Kelly's darkest secrets
Watch R Kelly’s brother Carey “Killa” Kelly threaten to expose R Kelly’s darkest secrets

R Kelly’s brother Carey “Killa” Kelly threatens to expose R Kelly’s darkest secrets.

R Kelly is in more drama as his brother Carey “Killa” Kelly is ready to unleash and reveal to the world. Carey released a video where he warned R Kelly that he has no problem exposing him and his darkest secrets. Carey seems to be tired of R Kelly screwing him over the last few years and now has drawn a line in the sand.

Carey claims he has a lot of dirt on R. Kelly and adds that the singer “didn’t tell the truth” on his latest track, “I Admit.” Carey also said that R. Kelly “blackballed” him from the music industry, and added that their mother has a $500 tombstone despite R. Kelly being a successful entertainer for years.

Carey dropped a diss track aimed at R. Kelly called “I Confess,” where he addresses claims that R. Kelly intentionally gave an STD to a former girlfriend, and made other claims about the singer’s private life. In one line, he says, “You see me, you get scared/you call the police. You gave them females some crazy disease/ want you to know Momma not pleased/Tell me how them n***as that tight and you ain’t gotta wife/something smell fishy, what’s going on/what kinda man want to spend the night in a man home?”

Friction between the two brothers arose after R. Kelly’s lawyer claimed it was Carey who was the man in the singer’s infamous sex tape in his child pornography case. In 2006, Carey told MTV that his brother bribed him with a new house and a record deal for taking the fall in the case. Carey stated, “I was blamed for the video, and nobody’s saying anything about that because I’m a nobody. No one says, ‘Man, why did he say it’s his brother?’ His attorneys blamed me for the video. That’s the only reason I’m speaking out.”

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