5 Questions to Help You Understand a Relationship

5 Questions to Help You Understand a Relationship

The way of life is not much different from traveling through unknown territories. Many people ask themselves a lot of deep relationship questions from time to time: “Am I doing the right things? Do I have to live for myself or for others? How do I know that I should do this? If I don’t know what to do in life, then where can I find it out?” These questions are very similar to finding your destiny and true happiness. And if you also ask them and, therefore, hope to find a direct answer to them, then you will be disappointed. Life is not so simple. Life is a series of questions to oneself. And, at times, an answer is not as important as a question itself. So, what are these relationship questions to ask oneself?

1.      Why do you need it?

It’s clear that you want to bring some cardinal changes into your life because it is dull and boring or, at least, unsatisfied. But the general state of your psyche can’t be called the answer to the question: “Why do I want this?” It is better to put a blank sheet in front of you, take a pen, and start writing about what you want to change in life, how you want to change it, and who you see yourself in the future. Write everything that comes to your mind. It really helps. You are a unique person with individual needs and desires. There is no better way to learn responsibility than trying to turn desires into reality.

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2.      How are you going to allocate your time?

Do you remember yourself as a child? And you have to wake this child up if you want to give meaning to your life. The school system and social pressure made us believe that everything we were passionate about doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps you should have followed this strategy before. But today you can allow spending part of your time on attaining professional competence in any field that you love.

3.      Is this your choice?

Are you sure you want to do this? Or are you following fashion that will come to naught immediately as soon as you face the first problem? – These are good relationship questions. Ask this question yourself every time you think you are doing something from ordinary boredom. Perhaps you don’t need any radical changes in life. Perhaps you just need to learn to relax rather than move mountains on the path of fate because you spend a lot of time on ukrainian dating sites. Try to analyze your desires from the position of an observer. Did anyone influence them? Mother, father, brother or best friend? How do you assess the choice of profession and a loved person? Believe me, it’s better to re-learn a second time than to follow the path chosen not by you.

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4.      What is important to you?

Let’s return to our blank sheets and, this time, try to write down everything that you consider important for yourself. Don’t rush. Start with the simplest things, for example, exercise regularly, spend time with friends and family or learn how to play a musical instrument. Fill these installations with some foundation and then write down something more complicated: learn to enjoy the moment, become open to different ideas or become more patient, etc. Bring this list everywhere and look at it from time to time.

5.      What do you know about yourself?

This is one of the most serious relationship questions. Many psychologists recommend starting the study of the world not with the surrounding reality but with oneself. Can you take criticism in your address? Are you honest? How do you react when facing something incomprehensible? The answers to these questions will give an exhaustive picture of oneself. If you learn to analyze the information, you will get a general idea of how you act in this or that situation and what you need to correct.

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