Xxxtentacion’s Killers Caught?

Xxxtentacion's Killers Caught?
Xxxtentacion’s Killers Caught?

Hiphop music star Xxxtentacion maybe gone but his story will live on in the memories of music fans all across the world. His murder has now brought up more news as a new post on social media suggests his killers have been caught. In the instagram post, xxxtentacion’s mum is seen suggesting the killer of her son was arrested.

Police have finally made an arrest for the murder of rap superstar XXXTentacion! XXXTentacion was murdered Monday June, 18 2018. At first it was thought to be Broward County rapper Soldier Kidd, which a eyewitness claimed it was not. Now we have a name and a face. The killer is 22 years old Dedrick D Williams aka Tattooman Chucky and he is being charged with two counts of grand theft of a motor vehicle and first-degree murder. Tattooman Chucky is a popular Deerfield Beach tattoo artist. Tattooman Chucky is also into Dirtbikes and 4 wheelers and we here he saw XXXTentacion in the store with the Louie bag full of money and decided to rob and kill.

TattooMan Chucky - Xxxtentacion killer

We are also told that the police are looking for 2 more suspects in the murder of

Initially a south Florida rapper by the name Soldier Kidd was accused of the crime as his social media posts suggested that he was close to the crime, showed off a gun at a restaurant close to where Xxxtentacion was shopping for bikes and owns a black truck which eye witnesses say foed the scene after the shooting.

tattoman chucky is xxxtentacion's killer

The music act xxxtentacion was shrouded with alot of pain, depression and artistic mysteries. His run in with the law, ongoing lawsuit from ex girlfriend put the music sensation in the light of both good and bad. Irrespective of all of the drama and news, xxxtentacion managed to build a large following and now his death is prompting more love for his music as his streams have skyrocketed on all social media platforms.

See instagram post below.

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