Xxxtentacion shot; Found without a pulse

Xxxtentacion shot; Found without a pulse

Popular rapper Xxxtentacion has been shot and his condition is currently unknown. The rappr who has been in and out with the law over cases of violence.

According to TMZ , rapper XXXTentacion has been shot and potentially killed in Miami. While the story is still developing, it would appear that X’s lifeless body was found outside a motorcycle shop. The report states that a gunman ran up to his car and shot him; as of now, his condition is unknown. A reporter from Miami’s Local 10 News believes that he was still alive at the time of the video, and has since been transported to a nearby hospital. TMZ has since reported that The Broward Co. Fire Dept have confirmed X was indeed brought to a hospital.

XXXTentacion was twenty years old, and recently released his ? album to commercial and critical acclaim. While it has yet to be confirmed that X has been pronounced dead, the circumstances are looking grim.

The story is still in development. For now, we send our prayers to X’s fans, family, and friends. The news is shocking, and difficult to process. For now, we’ll continue to report details as they emerge. Video from the scene can be seen at TMZ; while X’s body has been blurred out, it remains disturbing nonetheless.

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