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Troye Sivan - Bloom album download

Troye Sivan is here with a new album ‘Bloom‘.

The singer recently released his latest single, “Bloom,” is all about living in the delicious present. A gentle, rolling beat and stripes of electric guitar cut through airy synth pads, lending the track a bright 1980s mall pop sheen that could’ve been borrowed from George Michael.

2015 “Blue Neighborhood” video trilogy offered a moving portrait of two boys falling in love, and didn’t shy away from depicting the sensual aspects of their relationship. Pop music has a long history of encoding queer themes in music coy enough to be palatable to straight audiences, but Sivan has come of age in an era when being direct about your sexuality won’t blacklist your music from the Top 40.

At 22, he has been famous for more than a decade, albeit in far-off corners of the globe and the internet. He sang his way into YouTubing, YouTubed his way into acting, grew up on webcam (he came out on vlog at 18), and now, ramping up to the release of his second album, is working hard to turn himself into a frisky pop phenomenon.

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Mr. Sivan already has a fan base built, millions strong, from his years broadcasting directly into the homes and ids of Generation Z on his YouTube channel, and as of last month, his own app. His first album, “Blue Neighbourhood” in 2015, yielded a platinum hit, “Youth,” a kind of offering from an uber-accessible star of the digital age: “My youth, my youth is yours.”

“My My My!,” an ecstatic love song and especially its music video, is a celebration of the tell. Mr. Sivan does his spring-jointed runway walk — his throbbing flail — throughout.

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“The way that I danced, the way that I moved, was the way that I moved when I locked my door as a kid and listened to ‘Like a Prayer’ by Madonna,” he said. “One-time, I remember, my sister walked in to the room — I guess I didn’t lock it. I was giving it. I was so mortified. She may as well have caught me, as far as I was concerned, watching gay porn. I was that vulnerable in the moment. I felt that exposed.”

That was then.

The night he filmed “My My My!,” he said, “I might as well have been Naomi Campbell.”

“He’s moving in that video like every single gay boy,” said Mr. Smith. “I identify with that video so much.”

Stream Troye Sivan’s new album, Bloom below.


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