Juicy J – Choke Hold (Video)

Juicy J returns with the release of a new video for his song Choke Hold.

The track produced by suicideboys was part of the songs from his ShutDaFukup mixtape released early this year.


I come from the block, I been on the road, I’m constantly sellin’ out shows

Anything goes, when you on the street, nobody don’t speak to the code, I know

Niggas gon’ talk, just like they hoes, that pressure be makin’ them fold

My money longer, my nigga stronger, I’m really doin’ the most fo’ so

If niggas ain’t solid, then niggas ain’t valid, I really don’t care nothin’ about ’em

My diamonds is wet like a fountain, they rocky, I’m climbin’ the charts like a mountain

This paper I’m countin’, comin’ in constantly proud of, niggas quit bitchin’ about it

Niggas be hoes, all in they feelings about it, ain’t never gon’ do shit about it

Peep the visuals below.

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