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Kash Doll Exposes Cardi B For Removing Her Verse Off “She Bad”

Kash Doll Exposes Cardi B For Removing Her Verse Off

Kash Doll blessed fans with a leak of the original “She Bad” song which featured her and YG along side Cardi B.

Kash Doll’s plan was originally just to play it for the fans, but questions came rolling in asking why she was not on the album version of “She Bad”. Kash later let it be known that she originally recorded the verse/song back in January way before Cardi B did. Kash said YG sent it to her asking her to get on it.

It was only later Kash found out that Cardi took the song and deleted her verse off it. Kash also revealed that she wanted to leak her version of “She Bad” but Atlantic records blocked it on soundcloud not allowing her to post it.

Check the videos below and tell us what you think. Is Kash Doll’s verse better than Cardi B’s verse on “She Bad”?

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#PressPlay: #KashDoll shared that she was originally featured on #CardiB's "She Bad" with #YG and shared her verse on her IG Live. However, stopped and said she didn't want to talk about why it was scrapped! What's tea, sis? 👀

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