Bali Baby – Backseat

Bali Baby - Backseat mp3 download

Bali Baby – Backseat mp3 download

Bali Baby drops new song Backseat. The female rapper from Atlanta has proven herself as one of rap’s most exciting new voices through short blasts of attitude and charisma like “Iggady” and “Pretty,” but on her more recent releases, she’s been making an effort to expand her repertoire.

“Yall said i have the “ same flow “ & “ sounded the same “ on all my songs SOOOO I completely switch it up now yall want the old me back LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” she wrote on Twitter earlier this month after dropping her moodier more melodic Bali Blanco EP. With “Backseat” off her upcoming Baylor Swift project, she’s given fans yet another curveball, incorporating the sounds of pop punk into her confrontational rap style for a jarring but ultimately successful fusion of sounds.

Of all the rock-influenced rap that’s been emerging over the last year, Bali’s is the only one that legitimately has the post-Rebirth sound people have ascribed to the recent genre experiments. Using all the tools that Wayne did on the album, down to a similar auto-tuned snarl, Bali is able to pull off the sound convincingly in a way Wayne did not.

Listen to Backseat below and cop the tune right after.


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